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Vintage Style Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting is more task driven, focused and directů.it has an edge.

Some of our industrial lighting has been salvaged from ships. Other examples are reproduction pieces of lighting found in factories, coffee shops and commercial buildings. As well as ceiling lights, we also have a range of metal floor lamps and table lamps.

Despite the edge these fixtures all produce a warm glow.

Industrial Lighting Gallery 1 w/ INL, INPL, INA, KIL codes

Nautical Ceiling Lamps -
w/ TIL codes

Nautical Floor Lamps - w/ NAU codes
Steampunk Lamps - w/ IHDL codes

Payment and Shipping:
We accept Visa and MasterCard through our merchant account. We also accept PayPal and Money orders.

We ship around the world. We have a variety of shipping options depending on your specific needs. From a single piece to an entire truck load we can make it happen.

Feel free to call or email with any questions or shipping quotes.

Vancouver Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting examplesIndustrial lighting examplesIndustrial lighting examples Industrial lighting examplesIndustrial lighting examples  
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