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Antique Stained Glass

The vast portion of our Stained Glass, Leaded Glass or Artisan glass (whatever you prefer to call it) comes from Northern English row housing. Dating from the 1900ís until the 1940ís. These windows represent a stunning range of shapes, styles and forms. The stained glass runs the full gamut from; Victorian, Edwardian, Elizabethan, Fin De Sicle, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco & Mission all the way to abstract and impressionist styled designs. (Gallery of available stained glass windows.)

In a long row of identical houses this was one of the most effective ways of showing some personality.

These affordable hand crafted works of art make an excellent addition to any window in your home. Either hung inside a larger window, properly installed as privacy glass, used as wall art or incorporated into kitchen cabinetry. You are only limited by your imagINAtion.

Most of these stained glass windows were designed to give privacy while allowing light to enter the room. A good choice in a bathroom window or incorporated into panels as a room divider, again you are only limited by your imagINAtion.

These leaded glass windows truly are beautiful and versatile.

The artisan glass windows are professionally packaged and come in either their origINAl frame or a custom made shipping frame. Both are perfect for hanging the window.

If you donít see the size you are looking for please let me know Iíll do my best to find a suitable window and email you a picture.

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