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Antique Wrought Iron

Our antique wrought iron is affordable and attractive. Handmade between 70 and 200 years ago our wrought iron comes in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. We can accommodate your needs from a stunning 14 foot high entrance gate to a 2’ by 2’ display panel for your wall.

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We have tons of wrought iron for sale!

Our warehouse is full of hand selected architectural iron that ranges from 70 to well over 175 years old. Our stock includes Wrought Iron Panels, Wrought Iron Gates, Antique French Iron Gates, Antique Iron Gates & Fencing, Arches, Transoms, Iron Window Grills and Grates, Decorative Iron Railing and more. We also have some new architectural wrought iron panels made using old iron.

Of the 3 basic types of iron (wrought, cast and steel), wrought iron by far is the oldest. Decorative iron has been popular since the 13th century, encompassing an incredible range of uses and forms.

Wrought iron has a fibrous structure, which makes it easy to shape. By heating the iron then hammering, rolling, bending or squeezing an amazing range of shapes and forms can be made often based on nature, plants, animals, etc.

Today wrought iron is making a strong resurgence in design. Either antique or new, the range of applications is only limited by your imagINAtion. From being used like it was origINAlly designed for (windows, doors, gates) to creative touches like a wall hanging or a modern eclectic headboard. Simply placing a nice piece of antique French wrought iron in your garden or patio using it as a trellis and letting a creeper vine grow up, it adds a stunning architectural touch to your home.

Antique Handmade Wrought Iron Elements.

Our iron comes mainly from Egypt; owner Harry goes about 6 times a year and hand picks a container’s worth of wrought iron. In the last 5 years we have sold nearly 500 tonnes of this type of iron. That is purely because of our prices. We pay a fair price and sell at a fair price. The volume theory of marketing. We may make a lot less per piece than other dealers, but we sell way more. The kicker is we carry the exact same pieces for $200 that other dealers sell for $2000. Shop around, we are more than confident you’ll be thrilled with our prices.

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