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Period Lighting Fixtures & Shades
Handmade market and period lighting fixtures and shades
Over the last 25 years our owner Harry Stryer has been collecting vintage lighting and shades. After countless customers asking for classic favorites again and again, Harry realized there was a huge hole in the lighting market and a real niche for well priced high quality period light fixtures and shades. So he decided to produce his own. Using origINAl glass shades and origINAl fixtures he has spent the last 3 years working with manufacturers to create period authentic lighting & shades. Utilizing the same materials & techniques as the origINAl manufacturers. Materials like solid brass, slag glass, blown glass, polished nickel to name a few.

Harry & all of us here are proud to present to you:
Mission, Arts & Crafts, Vintage Period Lighting

We want to make this line grow and cover as many classic lighting styles as possible. (see period lighting style galleries here)

If you have a shade or a fixture you think is worthy of being reproduced please let us know. We are always looking for interesting fixtures and glass shades. Especially outdoor sconces. Email me and we’ll see what we can do.

Our philosophy on lighting is simple you pick the fixture you like and you pick the hand blown period shades you want to go with it.

To provide some variety in the home, you can alter your lighting by season simply by changing the shades. A subdued shade for the warm long summer nights to a bright and warm shade for the winter. Shades can also be used to update your existing fixtures breathing new life into tired lighting. New shades are a very cost effective way of updating lighting.

We have collected antique fixtures and shades for years. Now we are manufacturing them using the same age old techniques that were used in the origINAl production.

Handmade period glass shade manufacturingGlass shades are hand blown and pressed using meticulously created moulds based on origINAl lighting. We strive to make our lighting as faithful to origINAl as possible. Using as many origINAl techniques and materials as we can, making sure the quality and value are intact. You can expect to pay over $100 for identical shades on other sites. As collectors and lovers of the lighting ourselves we just find that unreasonable. We believe you will be more than pleased with our prices and our quality.

Making hand blown period glass shades

Hand blown market glass shade

Hand made glass contains small imperfections like bubbles and lines. This is a part of the process and aren’t defects but a sign of our dedication to the origINAl manufacturing process.

We produce American art glass, American pressed glass, and French and American hand blown shades.

ALL Period Lighting and Wall Sconces is on CLEARANCE!!!

NOTE: All Period Fixtures and Shades are priced SEPARATELY

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We ship around the world. We have a variety of shipping options depending on your specific needs. From a single piece to an entire truck load we can make it happen.

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